In Which Ollie Kicks Cancer’s Ass.

Update on Ollie’s nubbin: it’s a fibrosarcoma. So, in a word, cancerous. The good news is, it’s already out, and the vet took wide margins when removing it to ensure all of the potentially cancerous tissue was removed. Also good is that I’ve confirmed with the vet that this type of tumor is known to be more locally invasive and rarely metastasizes. So, it appears that no further treatment is needed at this time besides watching his incision site as he heals, and keeping an eye out for potential regrowth. No more nubbins allowed! He has met his quote of nubbins and giving his mama heart attacks for a while.

And his incision is healing dramatically well- couldn’t hope for any better, really. No swelling, and it appears to be closing itself where there wasn’t enough tissue to close it. I am going to go ahead and give a plug for Smartpak’s SmartOmega 3 supplement – I think the combination of everything in there including Vitamin E (which I know from my own surgeries helps with incision areas) has helped speed along his healing. It also helps that Ollie has readily been eating up his antibiotic pills like they’re candy. (Dude’s starving, you know. Wasting away – just look at him!)

We had our first post-operative ride last night, and he was his usually lazy, stubborn self. I really am so glad that I not only got a second opinion, but that I opted to have it all taken out instead of just a biopsy.

Now that that’s all out of the way, I will soon return to my regularly scheduled lighter fare on here – and will soon post a recap of our recent combined test that we rocked the shit out of. And schooled some cross country jumps that threatened to add another ball to my collection. Stay tuned!