Obligatory 2014 Goals, Plus Fun With Fail

A new year, and I am making horsey resolutions for the first time this year. Since I got back into horses again 3.5 years ago, this is the first time I feel like I am really going somewhere with my riding – Ollie’s issues and my own are on their way to being fixed! And the discipline changes has been reinvigorating But, still a lot to improve.

In 2014, I resolve to:

Conquor Fear. If not totally kick its rear, then at least shrink its head a little bit and tell Fear he’s ugly.

Clean my boots more often.  Jesus, I let them get gross.

Complete at least three Beginner Novice horse trials/schooling shows, and at least one without XC time faults.  I CAN DO THIS, RIGHT??! OK, maybe MINIMAL time faults. Molasses, y’all. Molasses.

Keep learning in the non-riding department. Having ridden sporadically growing up, and never doing Pony Club or anything like that, I feel like my knowledge of all things horsey has so many holes in it. I want to know how to do things like PROPERLY wrap, braid, clip, set up a feeding program, etc. I am pretty much useless.

Look better in my breeches.  OK, let me be vain for ONE of these, GOD. I need to lose the pounds I gained the past six months….

Get help in teaching Ollie lead changes. I quite honestly haven’t even attempted them since arriving at my new barn over the summer and switching to eventing. I just… so much forehand… no steering. I had bigger fish to fry, essentially. But we are starting to get to the point where they might be feasible. I hope Year Eleven for Olls is the year of his changes becoming permanent. And for me to know how to better ask for them!

Ride without stirrups more often. OK, I HATE TO WRITE THIS. But I know it will help my seat and strength immensely. YOU CAN SHUT UP NOW, SARAH.

Be kind to myself. OK, now you may think the first resolution and this last one don’t go together. But I have a tendency to be really hard on myself, then throw my hands up in the air when it’s not perfect. Then go sit in a corner and drink vodka while drunk texting people. I need to recognize my riding progress when it’s happening, and not beat myself up when I’m not perfect. Because, let’s face it…. I’m a hot mess.

But just to show how far Olls and I have already come, here’s some classic Wendy and Ollie fails back when we were Bad Hunters. Enjoy!

Water skiing is FUN!
Water skiing is still fun, and so are OMG LONG spots where my eye failed so much that I was blind.
Hi, my name is Wendy and my pendulum was even bigger then. And Ollie at his non-squared-up best.
Hi, my name is Wendy and my pendulum was even bigger then. And Ollie at his non-squared-up best and JESUS STOP GETTING ME ON MY FOREHAND.
I have no words. I am wordless.


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