Nubbins, Part Whatever. And Ollie likes LMFAO.

Aaaand we have another nubbin. This time, it’s a sarcoid on his giant neck that’s been masquerading as a bite mark/scabby thing. Thankfully, much less serious than his fibrosarcoma… but seriously, Ollie? Are you just trying to worry your worried worrier mama to death? My anxiety cup already runneth over. But, we’ll get him some injections and slap some cream on it, and hopefully that nasty sarcoid will soon be on its way to Shrink City. Maybe I should go with it. I could probably use a shrink.

But anyway. Things are going along well lately. Several good jump schools and dressage rides. In my dressage lesson this weekend, we worked on halts a lot. If I can’t learn how to ride a proper circle, I may as well get some points for a nice halt, amiright? But Olls likes to halt with one leg stuck forward like a freaking Rockette, so it took some effort to make him realize that square is his friiiiieeend. But we got it a few times, so we’ll call that progress.

We also worked on going down the centerline (and speaking of going down the centerline, if you haven’t watched Evention TV’s Dressage Skillz video, YOU NEED TO). Apparently, centerlines are OMG HARD for me to steer, and also they are hard for Ollie. Because he likes to do this:


I think Ollie is a big fan of LMFAO, because he also be like:



Anyway, we made lots of progress in the lesson, and I feel semi-prepared to tackle the Beginner Novice A test in a few weeks. My balls are also staying on a slow boil where jumping is concerned.

On Sunday, Ollie played Pony Ride Giver extraordinaire to a six-year-old little girl. It was so cute – Sarah led them around the ring, and Ollie just plodded along at the speed of molasses like he likes to do. After a few laps, Sarah let go of Ollie’s bridle, so the little girl could “ride by herself.” And bless his little heart, he just followed Sarah around the ring like a sweet little puppy, flicking a continual ear back at the kid to check on her. I am well aware that I have a very special guy here. I don’t think he will ever, ever be for sale.