Spring Fever/Stubbornitis, and Fun With Turns

Been a while since I had an update- things have been crazy! And getting ready to go on a European vacation, so…. lots of planning and such.

Oliver and I have been moving along with our collective training. Except. Oliver contracted a quite serious case of Spring Fever. His main symptoms were stubbornness, forgetting what flexion is, arena-exit-itis, and “OhMyGodNo.” Perhaps you’ve heard of those symptoms and afflictions before.  During one particular dressage lesson, Nicky had to walk over and physically PUSH ON HIS NECK to get him to freaking flex. And even then he was like, “Did… did you say something?” JESUS. OLLIE.

He also started to be a total pisser in a jumping ride with me, pulling me all over, rushing into jumps and just totally acting the fool. So, what did I do? Didn’t force the issue, gave up, texted Nicky and asked, “Um, can you do a training ride on Ollie? OK THANKS.” Shit rolls downhill. OH MY GOD NICKY, I’M SO SORRY.

And he then proceeded to be even worse for her, making her feel like a three-year-old on a runaway Shetland pony. Pulled her everywhere, tried to exit the arena, run her into jump standards, and just generally went deaf and stupid. But, as usual. Dr. Buckingham cured Ollie of his spring fever, and he went back to his usual self.

But, my jump lesson was the day after that fateful training ride. I went into it thinking, “OH MY GOD, I AM GOING TO DIE TODAY.” I made sure to tell my husband I loved him as I left that morning. But when the lesson began, Ollie showed full signs of having reclaimed his brain. This led to Nicky rubbing her hands together in an evil fashion and deciding we were going to have Fun With Turns Day. Bending lines, sharp turns, you name it – the stuff Ollie and I have not historically been good at. Because reasons. Reasons involving giant luggy necks and marshmallow fluff bodies, both mine and Ollie’s. The fluff part, not the neck. God, I’m not like a body builder or anything.

For a while in the lesson, I totally lost my crap and forgot how to ride. I had to be reminded to ride every fence, stop worrying about upcoming turns, and JESUS SIT UP AFTER JUMPS, WENDY. I am so bad about that.

Ollie’s form has dramatically improved as well. he actually, you  know… squares up  and gets his front legs up. No more plowing, yay!


This jump clearly isn’t big enough, so I’ll add some extra air for funsies. Get it together, mom, GOD.

But by our last course, the end result was this:

SUCCESS. I was quite honestly amazed by the turns we made – we’ve never done anything like that before. I am feeling pretty confident about our upcoming BN at the Poplar Place schooling show. And this time, I might actually *ahem* canter the entire XC course instead of trantering. Someone hold me to that!