Shameless Promotion.

So I have been named in the final four in the blogging competition over on Eventing Nation. GO ME! I feel so guilty for posting a blog post right now just to say this, but if you have a chance to go vote for Pedro me over there, I’d be eternally grateful and will give you an acknowledgement in my best-selling book.*


Meanwhile, I’ve had two posts in the works for what seems like forever, but this stupid moving across the country thing has gotten me all in a tizzy. I’ve barely even been riding. Poor fat Ollie is getting fatter by the second. But, I swearsies I will get back to my regularly scheduled blogging soon. And more often than ever because…. HEY! I’ll be FUNEMPLOYED!

Thanks for your consideration, and apologies for the interruption of shameless self-promotion.


* That I haven’t yet written.