Finally, an update. Finally. Plus, return RETURN of the cheeky. And nubbin.

So the past few months have been insane.  INSANE. We successfully completed our move to Texas for my husband’s new job. Much packing and coordinating to be had. Ollie had quite the uneventful trip from Georgia to Anna, Texas, and arrived starving. He was certain they did not feed him on his trailer ride over.  Thanks to Nicky Buckingham at Montclair Stables for getting him on board in Conyers and off safely!

The first words out of the driver’s mouth: “Your horse is a hysterical character. And he tried to help me do everything. When my driving shift was up, I wanted to go in the back and just sit with him to watch him.”

Yep, sounds about right.

Ollie loves his new place, and no wonder- Rose Hill Stables is awesome!




And the stalls? EXTRA BIG OMG. What does this mean for me? Ollie has room to be a disgusting mess, and then somehow avoid lying down in it at night. Because he is disgusting, this is a major selling point for me. I haven’t had to cry at the sight of a slab of pee on his side yet (I have probably just cursed myself).

There is a lovely covered arena, which is a must in the Texas heat. And did I mention the barn is dog-friendly? Because it’s OH MY GOD DOG FRIENDLY. They may actually run the place. There’s about 13 resident dogs, each one sweeter than the next. My little Reno loves visiting. But alas, Taz can’t go because he’s terrified of children, and Sheba Does Not Play Well With Others.







Did I also mention that the owners make awesome jumps and things like brush boxes, custom saddle stands and the like? Because I think I need five of each.



As for how me and the Olls are doing – well, Ollie has regressed a bit back to “la la la la, I can’t hear you! Did you say turn left? Oh you did? Well I don’t care. Oh, and now you want me to stop? HAHAHAHA, NO.”  Only now, he’s even stronger and fitter than he first was when playing these games. Oh yay. My favorite. I had a lesson with a dressage trainer last week, and she got on the Ollmeister and shortly proclaimed she had not ridden something like him since she was 12 on a stubborn-ass pony. So, we are going through a trying phase where he needs to remember:

3.) Stay in that rein for me, mmmkay?
4.) Stop when I say it.
5.) I mean it.
6.) Seriously, I do.
8.) Did I mention I’m in charge?

It sort of sucks that he was going so nicely for so long, and now he’s regressed. He’s a lot better on the flat, but when we get to jumping is when he really turns it on. Yet, when we went XC schooling – off property, even – he was a total gem! Go figure. I am positive we will get there again, though. In the meantime? Lots of work and insistence from me.

More updates on my outings and shenanigans soon, but now for two bits of bad news:

Ollie’s cancerous tail nubbin has returned – and bigger. The vet has just recommended he be sent to a surgeon so they can use a laser and such to create better odds that it won’t come back. Poor buddy. We are hopeful for now that he can keep his tail. Can you imagine his big ol’ butt without it??? Neither can I.

And on the personal front… through no fault of his own, my husband has lost his job. You know, the ONE WE MOVED HERE FOR. Basically, the new leadership wanted to bring in his own people, but he had done a great job. So….anyone know someone in the Dallas area who needs a data warehousing/business intelligence IT guy? Yeah? Anyone? Bueller?  Hopeful that he will find something soon, but for now…. it’s terrifying!! Thank god for severance. And for the fact I recently got myself semi-employed as well.

So, as you can see…so much going on here lately. More updates over the next few weeks on some of the horsey stuff we’ve been up to. In the meantime, if you hear screaming across state lines, it’s likely me yelling at Ollie. The balls are in attack mode.