Bye bye nubbin…. bye bye tail

So today was a bit of a difficult day. You may remember how Ollie’s nubbin had returned with gusto, and we were looking at treatment options. Well, after consulting with the best – Dr. Honnas at Texas Equine in Bryan – it was decided that Ollie’s nubbin had to go. ANd to do that, his tail had to go too. I had many thoughts running through my head:

1.) Oh poor buddy 😦
2.) BUT HIS BUTT AND HEAD ARE SO BIG. What will balance it out now?
3.) Oh my god, no. 😦
4.) Oh he is going to look so funny.
5.) Major surgery!
6.) Will I get sympathy points in dressage? I hope I do.
7.) I wonder if I can turn him into a My Little Pony with a giant fake pink tail?
8.) Oh my poor baby.

Something like that. So it’s hopeful that a little nubbin will remain of 4-5 inches or so, and tail hair will eventually grow out from that some into a little wispy thing. Until then?

I think I got the head proportion about right.
I think I got the head proportion about right.


So, today was the day for us to make the 3.5-hour trek to Bryan/College Station to drop him off. This morning, Olls was in his stall happily munching on hay when I arrived. He immediately knew I would have treats, so he made his requisite “I WANT A CARROT AND AREN’T I SUPER ADORABLE” face.

Ollie head tilt


So of course, he got like six carrots. Guilt does a number on this mama.  We were also taking another horse – from our vet, so not a horse Ollie knows -up to Dr. Honnas for a consult as well. So I went to load Olls on the trailer, and he balked. What? He always practically loads himself, as there’s oh my god hay available. But soon we realized that he saw the pretty new guy and had to have an introductory sniff and bitey face. Instant friends.

Loaded on up, and off we went. Precisely 3.5 hours later, we had arrived, and it was time to check in and unload. At check in, I told them I was there for Ollie’s tail amputation.

“His…. what? Really?”

I guess it’s not a very common thing to voluntarily whack off your horse’s tail. I had to explain the whole cancerous nubbin thing.


When the tech came over to show us to Ollie’s stall for the next few days, Ollie immediately invaded her personal space, in true Ollie fashion, and threatened to take a nibble of her clipboard. Because Dude is starving, you know. As soon as we got the hay unloaded, it was put in front of Ollie’s stall, and that just made him immediately reach for his smelling salts and call the SPCA. He voiced his discontent by repeatedly kicking the bars of the stall as if to say, “HELLO. THE HAY IS NOT IN MY REACH. THIS IS A TRAGEDY OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.” He kept trying to flip up the not-in-use auto waterer just to further drive home his point. We then gave him a couple flakes, and he went back to “Whatevsies. Bye Mom. Try not to get too neurotic, OK?”

So now he is in the very capable hands of Dr. Honnas, with surgery happening probably tomorrow. I am sure he will be OK, but I’m gonna be a nervous mama until I hear something about how it went. Until then… enjoy photos of Ollie’s Nubbin Extraordinaire!

nubbin3 nubbin2 Nubbin1