And DFP Shall Live On. Through Swag and Insanity.

So Mandy – from my barn, and also an attendee of the Doug Fucking Payne clinic earlier this month – decided that we would go audit DFP’s second Texas clinic last weekend for XC day. Our clinic didn’t have XC, so it was another chance to learn from him. Drive two hours to stalk  further educate ourselves? Why the hell not!

But we weren’t going empty-handed. And we were arriving at Meadowcreek with more than my neuroses in tow.

So we arrived in the middle of the first group’s schooling. Doug saw us approaching, and gave us a smile and a hello. But I am fairly certain that behind the smile and those sunglasses he was thinking Oh holy hell… not these crazy weirdos again.

But we balanced out our crazy by helping move some standards and poles a few times, and then otherwise just hung out to watch. Great group of riders, and even if some of the jumps scared my tiny lady balls back up inside me a bit, I could see how the exercises could be adjusted for me, and how I could translate the lessons to my own riding. You know, once I get Ollie…. turning left. And stuff.

ANYWAY, so before we left, we told DFP that we had some parting gifts for him. And Mandy and I started laughing like hyenas before we even opened up the bag to hand them over. I am sure if DFP could have turned and run right then, he would have. He may have even considered it. But, he was a good sport and toughed it out for the presentation.

Doug Fucking Payne
OK, we can be halfway normal too.
OK, we can be halfway normal too.


Yes, those are DFP shirts and stickers. Mandy did a FANTASTIC job designing the shirts. She is amazing. Can’t see? Here’s a close-up of the back.


And here’s an insane person  me demonstrating the awesomeness that is the sticker.



Doug was either amused, or nervously laughing because he wanted to get away from us. In fact, he probably took the photo with us as evidence for a future restraining order.

But until then… Let’s start the DFP revolution, peoples.


****a few people have expressed an interest in purchasing some DFP goods. We are going to see about making the link available for people to purchase them directly, so we’re not making money or anything. We just want to promote stalking.****