Merry Christmas From Us

Merry Christmas from me and Olls!

It’s an old photo from a few years ago, but an appropriate one. So holiday greetings from Ollie Pants from his temporary training home (where he hasn’t faked an injury in at least five days). And from me in the sunny Cayman Islands. It’s a rough life, but someone’s gotta do it.

Next week, my lessons on Olls begin, and if all goes well, the adorable freight train can come home. I haven’t ridden in so long now that I probably need instructions on how to post again. Leads? What are those?

Next update, though, will probably be about rescue pup Pony Boy. It’s been an adventure with him.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Christmas events. And I’ll go back to scratching my systemic poison ivy bullshit that won’t go away. (Now do you not hate me as much for having tropical Christmas?)