Ain’t Nothing But a G Thang

So y’all have been introduced to The Rabbit in prior posts. Otherwise known as Angela Grzywinski of Tempus Eventing. She is ten kinds of awesome and cured The Freight Train of his… freightiness. She also doesn’t let me get away with anything like trying to panic, nervously pull on my reins, let his shoulder pop, panic some more and…


So she’ll be going to Rolex this year for the second time with her awesome mare Novelle. Don’t know about them? She is part of the elite $1 horse club. She trained this horse from scratch, and together they are so awesome. Seriously, they are BEASTS on the XC field. I dare you to not love them.

It came to my attention that perhaps Angela should have a sticker of her own, since I had made one for DFP.  So who am I to deny her? With her approval, here it is:


If you want to support her and purchase a bumper sticker for $9 (including postage), send an email to and I can mail ya one. All proceeds will help fund her Rolex trip, and she’s truly deserving of the funds. She’s down to earth, fun and one hell of a tough competitor.

There is also an online auction to help sponsor her Rolex trip, and there’s some awesome stuff there. It runs April 1-14. But I’ll keep sending out stickers so long as I have them!

So please, help fund Ollie’s enforcer/beater of sense and my ball enhancer. My Xanax supply will thank you.