One Year of Ponyboy

It’s been one year to the day since Ponyboy came into our lives. As I said in an earlier post telling the full story, the day he showed up was wrought with emotion. Pones showed up as a stray outside the barn on the day that rescue pony Muffin lost her life, and it seemed like more than a coincidence that he wandered up the road that day.

He was a mere puppy of no more than six months, but had already seen too much life of the bad variety. Covered in sarcoptic mange, as I soon found out,  he was dirty and way too skinny for a Great Pyrenees puppy of his age. He was less than 40 lbs. but already housed way more love than dogs five times his size.

As we rehabbed him, Ponyboy gained weight, strength and trust. Soon, his undeniable spirit of silliness and unending love emerged, and we knew we had a keeper on our hands. Gone were the plans to rehome him upon wellness, and he became a permanent part of our crazy family. A four-dog home we had become.

We didn’t yet realize the unparalleled pull on people and the charm that this dog possessed. As we began to take him out in public as his scars healed, people were immediately drawn to him. He’s a handsome dog, for sure, but I think it’s his inner soul that makes connections. There’s an indescribable gentle sweetness about him unlike any other dog I’ve ever had.

Kids – and adults – call him a gentle polar bear. His favorites are breakfast lettuce (he demands what the guinea pigs get in the mornings), cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles. Much to our chagrin, he sometimes even starts crying in the middle of the night because he wants a belly rub. He flops down in front of strangers to expose his belly. He loves kids so so much. He’s a favorite visitor at Dover. He has a fan club that spans the nation. He’s Ponyboy, lover of all.

His scars have healed, minus one spot on his paw that is forever marked because of the mange, where hair will never grow. Whenever I look at that spot, I’m reminded of the day we found him and how far he’s come.

He’s now about 110 lbs. and still growing. But as big as he’s become, I think he’s made our hearts even that much bigger. Here’s to you on your accidental gotcha day, Pones. Our lives are now that much richer, full of love and full of that much extra fur on the floor. Love you, Ponyboy. Don’t ever change.