The Life Benefits of Being a Horse Person


Being around horses teach us so much, outside of the actual riding and horsemanship part. It also gives us added bonuses in other parts of life, which is great because you’re broke and you can’t afford a life coach, another hobby or fancy laundry additives. Here are a few added benefits of being a horse person.

  1. You always know your hat size.
  2. Taking in all the groceries from the car in one trip is like child’s play.
  3. You can fix nearly anything with duct tape and baling twine. Probably even your transmission if you really gave it a go.
  4. You more than likely have an immune system of steel. From picking stalls to eating a sammich? No problem.
  5. You learn or relearn how to sew. That blanket has to last another year AT LEAST.
  6. Developing following hips is definitely good for other activities. NOT THAT. I mean like riding a wave runner in choppy water. You have a 95% lesser chance of flying off.
  7. Your gained confidence from dealing with ornery horses enables you to yell at misbehaving children and coworkers with reckless abandon. You also know how to herd children and small animals with minimal carnage.
  8. Your shoulders and legs of steel will enable a second hobby as a competitive swimmer.
  9. Bad smells rarely bother you. And changing diapers? Please. Last week you scraped ten pounds of dried ass juice off your draft horse after that incident with the clover.
  10. Other people’s car funk doesn’t even register most of the time.
  11. You also have developed the Trunk of Requirement and can handle nearly any emergency from your vehicle’s stash alone. You probably have the cure to cancer in there too if you look really hard.
  12. You can make any object last about 5 years past its intended usefulness.
  13. Your non-regular (by that I mean what you wear to work, school and your limited social activities) wardrobe lasts forever. Because you don’t wear it.
  14. You are adept at getting gross clothing functionally white again.
  15. With a bucket and a lead rope, you can accomplish anything.
  16. You can make just about anything into a ladder. Marginally safely.
  17. Zip ties are always within reach, and you probably have dental floss around constantly in blanket season.
  18. You know just the precise ratio of beer to Gatorade to not completely dehydrate.


How has being around horses benefitted you in other areas of life?