An Ode to Maxime

OK, so I am going to start my post-Rolex posts with a….bang. Let’s discuss Maxime Livio.

Now I had seen his name before, but somehow managed to not see what he looked like. When Sarah, my favorite, picked me up in the Lexington airport the Wednesday before Rolex started, she sat me down and very seriously told me I needed to see something. I braced myself for some bad news.

Instead, I got presented with this:



WAT. Suddenly, we whipped out the Googles. We must find out ALL THE THINGS.  We told Felicia about his presence when her flight arrived as well. We set new stalker alerts.

We didn’t make the Wednesday jog due to flight delays (boo), but we went to the horse park anyway so we could watch some arena familiarization. It’s always fun to see how riders warm up and hack around. With pretty much zero people in the stadium, we went right on down to the first row and watched away. We watched several people ride, including poor James Alliston riding a very uncooperative pony. We also saw the adorable Daniela Moguel, with her Cecilia trying to snack on some greenery.

And some Boyd.


And then, we saw that golden beacon of French goodness himself, Maxiiiiime.

So naturally, we were all giggly like grown-ass women tend to be. We said this and that and were completely obnoxious. Or something. Don’t ask.

Anyway, we soon realized that in an empty-ass stadium, VOICES CARRY. OMG THEY CARRY. After several minutes of carrying on and being super obnoxious, Maxime came trotting right by us super close, kind of purposefully. He turned his head, gave me a super big grin with mischief behind it and… giggled. We locked eyes and shared a Very Special Obnoxious Moment.

Then I died. But first we took a zoomed-in photo of his butt in the air.

We decided that we MUST get a photo opp with him. We had our chance when we saw he’d be doing a signing at Top Rail Tack. To ensure we’d get our shot at  touching him getting our shirts signed, Sarah and I arrived 30 minutes early and were the first in line. Oh yes, we did. We’re super pathetic like that, but I don’t even care.

He was running late because of the press conference since he was in second at the time, but Tim Price – his co-signer at the Top Rail Tack event – was hanging around. So I took the opportunity to tell him I had a hug for him from Angela (they’re buds), and he totally accepted my creepy hug like it was 100% normal to full-on hug a lady you don’t know. I feel Tim is my peoples. Fist bump to you, lad.

Maxime’s people kept us informed of his arrival, and his main guy helping out (didn’t catch his name, but hi, delightful dude who commented on my beer!) was delightful and adorable.

Then Maxime showed up. I feel he could immediately sense my weirdness and may have been a bit wary about my presence. But it totally didn’t stop him from willingly putting his arm around Creepy McWendy. In the end, you can’t escape my weirdness, nor do you want to. Just accept it. It gets better.

And then Felicia caught this photo. It totally looks like I’m making googly eyes at him, and I am OK with that.

We did not have another Very Special Moment, sadly. Perhaps if we had been inappropriate again we would have yet again elicited that boyish giggle. But there were kids around, so yeah, no go. Also, we’re grown-ass married women and stuff. But whatever.

Maxime, we’ll always have our moment. Well, at least *I* will always have it. You’ll probably always have a Very Special Restraining Order.


More Rolex posts to come! Just gotta get my shiz together.