New Year, New Me

So I know it’s been a million years since I had a post or update. Not only has life been crazy and I overextended myself with responsibilities and activities, but I think for a while I was in a bit of a mourning period over selling Ollie and being horseless.

Yep, the doofus extraordinaire sold. In October, to a lovely adult ammy doing dressage and crossrail-level jumps. He was a perfect fit for her, and she’d continued to give me updates on their progress together. She couldn’t love him more, which does lessen the sting of selling. And, with him getting an easier job for the time being, he of course has been on good behavior.

And he totally won at bobbing for apples for their Halloween party.

While I was initially very sad about selling him, the sadness has lessened, and I’ve been having fun riding Cabot, lesson horse extraordinaire. He’s been really good for my balls development, and I’ve made so much progress. I never thought I’d be in love with a redheaded Thoroughbred, but I am.


So my other updates, in no particular order.


1.) I recently jumped a meter. Yeah, that’s right. The weenie is becoming Weenie Lite.

2.) I am going to an A jumper show in Waco a few weeks. I am unsure of whether or not I will embarrass myself. But it shall be fun.

3.) The Giant Baby Dog does not look like  a baby any longer. Did I mention that? Pones has a not-so-mini-me. Gunnar is amazing and a sweet, sweet soul. He’s eight months old now, and already over 80 lbs. HE IS GOING TO BE GIANT.


4.) I will be going to Rolex/Land Rover/Kentucky Four Star/Bourbonville  again with the BFF, Sarah Edwards, owner of Phoenix and keeper of my heart, nonsexually*. I am going to start planning shenanigans, and there will be a new bingo shirt.

5.) I have no new horse yet, but Angela did take me to go see a horse. Without telling me anything about him first, which drove me precisely crazy.

He ended up being a friend’s awesome draft cross. But, somehow, drafties don’t feel right to me anymore. I’m ready for a sportier model! Which shocked the piss out of me.

Ignore whatever the hell I’m doing with my hands here. I was sick AF that day. But Theo is basically an even bigger, fancier, more obedient Ollie. He sold in eight days, because he’s that wonderful. But no longer my type. I don’t know who I am.

6.) I am writing for Heels Down magazine. At a minimum, each month I’m writing a humor column for them. If you haven’t subscribed, go subscribe, yo. Keep me and my comrades employed. OK, maybe in this time, I shouldn’t be using the the word “comrades,” but whatevsies. You know what I mean. GO subscribe here. It’s affordable, great writing, and you can access it from your phone or tablet. Win. You can also access the 2017 holiday gift guide for free, which has two of my articles in it. Go read. Enjoy.

7.) During a recent XC lesson, Angela asked me incredulously, “WHO ARE YOU?!” Apparently, now WENDY GO FAST. Willingly. Of my own accord. Weird.

8.) I course walked the Training course at Texas Rose in November with Amanda of the $900 Facebook Pony, and Fabulous Bobby and I made asses of ourselves. Enjoy.

More coming soon. But thought I should get back in the habit of writing now that life has slowed down. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season filled with ponies, drinks and minimal family carnage.


*sentence edited to add Sarah’s actual name, at Sarah’s request, because reasons.